Chapter 123

Serving Infection Prevention Practitioners in Idaho

and border areas of Oregon, Nevada Utah, Montana

and Washington 

APIC Intermountain

Chapter 123

2017 I-APIC Committees

Finance/Executive Committee


President:                                      Gary Hedges

President-Elect:                             Kim Link

Treasurer:                                      Jessi Bond (Chair)

Member-at-Large                           Kathy Pierce

Bylaws Committee

Secretary                                        Kathy Pierce

Past President/Member at Large   Suzanne Walsh   

President                                        Gary Hedges

President Elect                               Kim Link

Communication/Membership Committee


Secretary                                       Kathy Pierce (Chair)

Past-President/Member at large    Suzanne Walsh (Government Affairs)

President elect                               Kim Link

Board Member                               Sam Owens(Co-Chair)

Board Member                               Susan Heppler  

Nominating Committee (last elected officers)


President                                        Gary Hedges

President-Elect:                              Kim Link(Chair)

Secretary / Treasurer                     Kathy Pierce

Board Member                               Susan Heppler

Board Member                               Samantha Owens

Board Member                               Terry Noyce

Education Committee


Chair                                              Martha Jaworski (Chair)

Board Member                               Jessi Bond (Co-Chair)

Board Member                               Jerrie Hammons

Board member                               Janet Brooks

Conference Committee: Fall


Chair                                             Kim Link

Treasurer                                      Jessi Bond

President                                      Gary Hedges

Past president                              Suzanne Walsh

Secretary                                      Kathy Pierce

Board member                             Jerrie Hammons

Board member                             Janet Brooks/Susan Heppler

Board member                             Sam Owens/Terry Noyce

Member at Large                         Cindy Turney


Conference Committee: Spring

Chair:                                            Chris Dent/Cindy Turney/Jerrie Hammons

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